About us

ECLS Niche is a boutique international law firm of Turkish Lawyers situated in the heart of London’s banking district Canary Wharf providing niche Turkish legal services to private and corporate clients.

We work in collaboration with prominent Turkish law firms specialised in their areas. Our Istanbul, Izmir and Bodrum offices enable us to tackle matters efficiently on the spot, lower legal costs while regularly providing our clients with up to date reports.

We also assist Turkish private and corporate clients aiming to gain presence and invest in the UK or having to tackle legal problems in the UK by providing assistance in accessing legal professionals suitable for the matter and within their legal budget. We understand how frustrating and costly it can be to deal with a legal problem in a foreign jurisdiction. With this in mind we provide our clients with initial information on where they stand, likelihood of success, potential pitfalls, likely costs and then advise them on the most appropriate course of action in the circumstances.